Copag Class Marked Brazilian Playing Cards

Copag is recognized as one of the highest quality poker brands in the world which is a well-known Brazilian manufacturer, has a lot of series of poker cards that are popular among many poker players. For the above reasons, we recommend the Copag class marked Brazilian playing cards.


The Copag class marked cards are made of 100% PVC cards which are extremely resistant to bend and tear. Once the Class marked playing cards are bent, it will immediately return to its original shape. It is very suitable for many poker games such as Texas Hold’em Omaha and so on. It would be the best selection for experienced poker players.

We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to print invisible ink marks on the back of Copag Class marked poker cards. The markings are invisible to the naked eye, while you put on the infrared contact lenses or perspective glasses can clearly see the invisible ink markings. The marks that you see are clear and dark, that’s our top quality cards. If it is low quality, the marks are blurs and light.

The Class series stands for elegant design and superior durability. If you are pursuing the design, the Copag Class marked Brazilian playing cards is perfect for you. Those cards will be last longer than paper playing cards which can keep to a year with proper care and use.

The quality of cards on the market is uneven, and if you want to buy good quality cards, our company is definitely your best choice. We use advanced technology and equipment to produce good quality marked cards. If you want to know more details, Please contact us!

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