Low Price Marked Cards Glasses Detect Cheating Poker

How to get marked cards glasses with low price? We offer different types cheating poker glasses with top quality for poker players or magicians.

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Are you tired with infrared contact lenses to read invisible ink marked cards? And are you worried about contact lenses will change your original eyes color or hurt your eyes? Why not have a try our fashion marked cards glasses to cheat at any poker game? Just like our unique contact lenses, it also adopts the infrared technology to process the glasses. That’s why it can read marked poker cards without pressure under any poker game situation.

We take hand to improve the technology of marked cards glasses in order to offer each pair of glasses with superior quality. We stock premium quality marked cards sunglasses from renowned suppliers worldwide to assure only the best and all of them are from our handpicked selection. Therefore, either you are a poker player or magician, you will have the invaluable ability to read marked cards than your competitors after wear our fantastic poker cheating glasses.

Types of poker cheating glasses for choosing

Old Style Marked Cards SunglassesAlthough there are numerous of poker cheating glasses offering in the market, function is almost same as each other, but effect will be quite different from top quality to cheap quality glasses. The first type I want to introduce is the best simple one with purple glasses which can’t help you to block the light, but to some extent, it will give you a brighter environment to read the invisible ink marked cards. However, with this glasses, you are easy to be suspected as it strange color(compared with normal glasses).

Infrared Sunglasses for Poker

Then how about other cheating sunglasses? Prefer an aviator design to wayfarers? Well, our highly expedient yet ultra-stylish range of infrared sunglasses are sure to meet all of your poker cheating needs! The round and smooth frame structure makes the sunglasses fit your face more. And surface layer film technology also reduces the doubt rate of other players. In the meanwhile, superior technology has been applied to process the glasses, so here are grey, blue, purple and water sliver color for you choosing. As for the frame, we also have gold, black and grey colors. And water sliver sunglasses with gold frame are the best hot selling according to our annual sales report.

Other customized invisible ink glasses and more

Can invisible ink glasses can be customized? This is a hot popular question that players will ask. To be honest, it is hard to be customized. Because the whole invisible ink glasses are pretty complex with high expend and our glasses are mass produced. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a nice choice if you only need one pair. There is exception if your glasses is not curved, because it can be handled by our handmade. Like the one as followed in the picture. Water sliver color glasses to help you blocks the sun’s radiation to protect your eyes and you can read marking playing cards clearly. By the way, you may also heard x-ray perspective sunglasses which can be used to read normal playing cards. However, it isn’t exist at this time. This is a good future wish we can have.

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