Fournier No.1 Luminous Marked Cards for Filter Lenses

Luminous Fournier No.1 marked cards can be processed as back invisible cards which only can be read by filter lenses or glasses.


Fournier No.1 luminous marked cards are popular among the Europe due to their unique feature as followed. The cards are ranked upwards from one thru twelve, but in the fashion of Spanish decks, the eights and nines are removed, as they are not frequently used in many games that involve a Spanish deck. The suits are coins, cups, swords, and batons, as opposed to the standard suits on an American deck. What’s more, these have a noticeably different profile, as they are not your typical sized cards. And there are no jokers to be found in this deck, as they are not typically used for these types of games either.

As their unique feature, the invisible ink marks also will be different. For normal luminous marked cards, we always printed marks as big number and suits marks in the middle and small marks on 4 corners. However, as for Fournier No.1 luminous marked cards, they can be marked the cards with special marks, such as unique shape or suit. It will help us to recognize the number more easily.

After marking Fournier No.1 luminous marked cards for filter, we usually will use infrared filter poker camera lens to read it. Compared with the infrared contact lenses, infrared camera lens can read cards from 2-3m away of the marked cards. What’s more, Fournier No.1 marked playing cards can’t be read by invisible ink contact lenses. Therefore, you are the only one who know the secret.

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