Modiano Old Trophy Marked Cards for Poker Cheating

Modiano Old Trophy marked cards for poker cheating are attracted many poker players and their texture is slightly grainy.

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Did you know that a normal playing card can be turned into special “poker cards”? GS company produced the special poker card that we called marked cards. There are a lot of different marked cards. The following we recommend for you is Modiano Old Trophy marked cards for poker cheating.

They are made of 100% plastic and the texture of this marked playing cards are slightly grainy, which provides a better hand feel and gives dealers better control. Red and blue are reliable choices for you. The 4pip index is ideal for checking hole cards in Texas Holdem games, as multiple smaller points allow poker players to view hole cards more efficiently.

Old Trophy marked deck is a kind of great marked cards for poker cheating. Our company uses marvelous luminous invisible ink and machine to mark barcode  on the sides of poker. We usually call it as barcode marked cards. These marks are not visible to the naked eye. You can only see the markings through the poker cheating device.

All in all, the designs of Moidano old trophy marked cards are not only beautiful but also suitable for playing various poker games. Having a good deck of marked cards can help you improve your skills in a short time. they are highly secure and covert. Other players will never discover the secrets of the marked card.

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