Modiano Da Vinci Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Modiano Da Vinci contact lenses marked cards are super quality luminous cards in the world which is originated in Italy and manufactured by GS company.

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As you know, Modiano is also a leading manufacturer of Italian playing cards. The Modiano brand is synonymous with quality and excellence, producing and manufacturing some of the bests playing cards in the world. Therefore, Modiano Da Vinci contact lenses marked cards are recognized as one of the highest quality marked poker cards among poker players or magician.

Although Modiano Da Vinci marked deck is made of 100% plastic, it is a matte plastic marked card which is unlike other 100% smooth plastic marked cards. Thanks to the excellent texture, texture marked playing cards are easier to handle and shuffle. You won’t easily lose control of your cards when playing poker games.

We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to print invisible ink marks on the back of marked cards. Despite after marking, there is no difference between contact lenses marked cards and the normal playing cards. Invisible marks will show under infrared contact lenses.

Da Vinci marked cards is durable, washable and can stay as long as one year. Each set of cards is available in two colors and sizes. Red and blue, or  wide and narrow.

Good marked cards are as important as how to play poker games. Having excellent marked poker can put you in an advantageous position which help you win poker games with confidence at ease. Once you use Modiano Da Vinci contact lenses marked cards, you will realize that its texture is unsurpassed by other plastic marked deck.

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100% Plastic


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