Lion Marked Deck for Poker Contact Lenses / Spy Camera

The lion marked deck for poker contact lenses/spy camera is more durable than other poker and it is deserved to get for any casino games.

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Lion playing cards are very famous and are loved by quite a few players. With the popularity of marked cards, Lion marked deck for poker contact lenses /spy camera is made of 100% plastic which is a jumbo index of standard size. In normal conditions, its service life is more than 2 years.

There are two types of Lion marked playing cards. The first type is that we use high-quality invisible ink to mark the back of card. There is no different to our naked eye than normal cards. Only when you put on our high-quality contact lenses can you see the markings clearly.

The second type is a lion barcode marked card, which differs from the first type we mentioned above at different position and markings. Those super barcode markings only can be read by poker analyzer system or poker scanning camera.

It’s important to have a well-marked playing card maybe the Lion marked deck for poker contact lenses /spy camera would be a nice choice. With the development of technology, poker games rely not only on luck but on skills. When you have a good marking card, you will have a huge advantage in the game.

If you want to buy a good marked cards, our company must be on your first choice as we have a professional production team. We are always producing high quality products. Customers from all over the world are very satisfied with our products. So you can definitely trust us. If you have other questions, please feel free to consult us.

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