PTW Cheat Poker for IR Contact Lenses & Poker Analyzer

PTW cheat poker is a kind of outstanding marked cards which can be work with IR contact lenses & poker analyzer. It is high flexibility, smoothness, and washability.


In Italy, PTW poker cards are popular with their outstanding quality, perfect durability, and affordable prices. Since that, Our company rolls out PTW cheat poker for IR contact lenses & poker analyzer. The PTW cheat poker cards gradually become the first choice of many poker players. Why is PTW cheating poker cards so popular?

Here are some advantages of PTW:

PTW cheat poker cards are made of 100% plastic, which has extremely high flexibility, smoothness, and washability. We can perfectly mark on the PTW playing cards, while the types of PTW cheat poker for IR contact lenses & poker analyzer are quite different.

As for cards for IR contact lenses, we use high-quality ink to mark the back of the marked card. As you see, they are the same as ordinary playing cards after marking. When you want to identify the mark on the marked card, you can only see the mark under infrared contact lenses.

To another type, we also use luminous invisible ink to mark on the side of the card as barcode which need a poker analyzer or wireless poker scanner to detect it.

No matter which PTW cheat poker are very safety and concealment and both of them will bring you huge benefits of many poker games. Winning poker games is depending on your choice rather than luck.

At last, if you have a strong interest and desire to buy PTW cheat poker, our company is definitely your best choice. Don’t hesitate or you will miss your chance to win. If you still have any questions, please contact us at any time.

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