Copag Poker Stars Gambling Marked Deck of Cards

The outstanding Copag Poker Star gambling marked deck of cards can help you have perfect show and it will help you become a big winner safe and efficient.


Copag Poker is considered to be the best poker deck in the world. It can be used in many places, such as: casinos, poker clubs or private poker rooms. And it would be the first choice for many people. The outstanding Copag Poker Star Gambling Marked Deck of Cards are definitely worth your attention.

The Copag Poker Star card deck is a type of Copag poker playing cards. It has unique patterns on the back. Its characteristics determine its status. Made of 100% plastic, it is more durable, more resistant to dirt and more waterproof. Generally, there are two color options, red and black with regular size and jumbo index.

Copag Poker Stars gambling marked deck of cards have become one of the best choices of most people as they can be marked on different position with invisible ink which is unreadable to our eyes. On the back or side of the Copag Poker Stars marked cards, there are numbers and suits that are invisible to the human eye, and only infrared contact lenses, IR sunglasses or a poker scanner can detect them. All marks remain legible and last longer without blurring! What’s more, there is almost no difference between the Copag Poker Star’s marked playing deck and the original deck. Even if you observe it carefully, you will not find traces of the mark easily. It is always safe to cheat with it.

If you use Copag Poker Star Gambling Marked Deck of Cards in magic, then you would have a perfect performance. If you use it in poker games, you could enjoy a big fun to be a winner.

If you want to know more information about Copag Poker Stars, please contact us, we sell various marked cards and various poker deception devices online.

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Black, Red




100% Plastic


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